Book Club

Do you want to chat with other book worms????

While I know many of you are members of Book Clubs, they are privately arranged and probably not OPEN to new members!

If anyone is interested, we could follow the example of some other branches and  post a BOOK OF THE MONTH, a kind of online book club, where someone might review or comment???

There are many Book Clubs facilitated by Kildare County libraries throughout the county. Libraries will also facilitate the use of their premises for new Book Clubs if any group is looking for a venue!



I know the Irish Times has an online book club – Irish Times Online Book Club   

I also know that the Dublin City Book Club meets regularly and welcomes new members.

AUGUST 2021 

Some changes to my “reading” habits occurred during the pandemic, both kinda related. The first was that I renewed my acquaintance with listening to stories. As a child,  I loved being read to. For a time as a young teacher, stuck in Dublin commuter traffic daily, I began to listen to  audiobooks especially engaging with some Russian masterpieces which I’d found tedious to read: The Brothers Karamazov, Doctor Zhivago, Anna Karenina and others. During restrictions I  welcomed a stranger into my home named Alexa,  and found she had a store of audiobooks available on my command. Unsure whether I wanted to commit to monthly charges, I’m still ‘listening’ my way through FREE books on YouTube: Anne of Green Gables ( I watched Anne with and E on Netflix), The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Pride and Prejudice, The Song of Hiawatha…. I also found Cú on YouTube which features reviews and interviews with authors. 
Particularly interesting on was an interview with Doireann  Ni Ghriofa about her first (?) novel “Ghost in the Throat”. This is the story of Eibhlin Dubh Ní Chonaill, wife of Art O’Laoghaire. Naturally I was prompted to root out my Leaving Cert poetry book and revisit the great Irish lament, “Caoineadh Art Uí Laoghaire” written by his heartbroken wife, Eibhlin Dubh.