Walking Groups


Let’s get walking!

I believe there is a walking group involving members of Retired Teachers Kildare. However I have no information about dates or venues of walks! Have contacted one of the WALKERS and hope to have news soon!

For those of you who are interested in joining a Kildare Walking Group there are many of them around the county. The link should bring you to one in a venue and of a standard that suits you. Judging by the walkers on the Deise Greenway on our Waterford trip, and their stories of the distances they regularly cover, I am sure any Walking group would welcome you!

On my trawl through GOOGLE,  found some other sites:

 Maynooth Hillwalking Club

Maynooth Hillwalking Club, Co. Kildare was established in 1998. The club provides members with an opportunity to meet and participate in walking activities of differing grades. Club walks are held most weekends, usually on a Sunday.

Once per month we hold an Introductory Hike. Non-members are welcome to come on these hikes. You can check the Upcoming Hikes section for details of the next one.

Walking Meetups in Naas

“Meetup” operates as a website that allows its users to schedule events using a common platform. ( I’ve heard of it used to find cookery clubs, sewing circles, etc.

But Walking Meetups in Naas is a site that offers walking events ( a wide range of them) around the county or close by ( I think it reads within 10 km! ) Check it out if you want to walk!!!!