Comhair Linn and PSD2

PSD is coming 14th September. Be prepared…

This beautiful sculpture, Foinse Gheal, is located in Comhair Linn branch’s garden on Parnell Square.

What is PSD2?

The second Payment Services Directive or PSD2 is a European law which comes into full force on 14th September and which will make it more secure for you to make electronic payments when shopping online or using online banking services. PSD2 aims to make payments safer and increase consumer protection.

These changes are being introduced to protect consumers from increased online fraud. Additional security measures known as Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) and will be introduced in Comhair Linn’s browser-based services and Mobile App.

What does Strong Customer Authentication mean?

The principle of SCA is to increase security for electronic payments through the introduction of two factor authentication protocols. This is a security process in which you may be asked to verify your identity in two different ways such as with a password or a fingerprint . SCA will be used when accessing online payment accounts or shopping online. Customer authentication is in use today however with PSD2 it is likely to be used more frequently to provide enhanced security.

How will this impact Comhair Linn members?

Mobile App

There will be a new version of the Mobile App to cater for these changes and you may be prompted to update your app. As part of these improved security measures you will logon as normal but you may be required to provide additional authentication via your phone.

Mobile phone number and Email address

It is imperative that the mobile phone number and email address that Comhair Linn has registered for your account is correct. To view the number registered to you, log in to Online Banking and click the Personal Settings option – located in the top right hand corner of the screen in your Online Banking . If any details are incorrect please contact the Credit Union.

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) once implemented

The following actions will be required by SCA from 14th September 2019 however some may be introduced earlier:

1. Logging in to your Online Banking
2. Setting up new payees
3. Viewing transactions older than 90 days
4. View e-Statements
5. View Documents older than 90 days

Security Advice

When Comhair Linn communicate with you they will never ask you for your card number or PIN and  will never advise you to transfer money out of your account. Should you encounter any of the above requests you should report it to your Credit Union immediately.