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Pole walking or Activator Pole Programme

This has nothing to do with travelling to Arctic or Antarctic Polar regions. Nor has it anything to do with Pole Dancing.  But it is tremendous fun. Funded by Kildare Sports Partnership, there are groups “Pole walking” all round the county.

Today I attended the Naas Group for the first time. They meet every Thursday in Sports Centre, Caragh Road: 10am for experienced walkers and 11am for beginners and improvers.

Here’s the official blurb: Activator walking explores how activator poles can promote aerobics fitness, mobility, strength, and balance for people with different abilities and fitness levels. The poles are suited for all levels and abilities.

Activator pole sessions are held regularly around County Kildare to provide opportunities to get active regardless of age or abilities.

Activator pole walking can improve or help maintain your aerobic fitness, mobility, strength and balance. It is also a great opportunity to maintain good mental health & socialise with your peers.