Good turn out in Killashee for the Summer meeting of Kildare retirees on Wednesday 26th June.

Fidelma’s ‘Minutes of last meeting’ earned the highest praise from Billy – almost making his report redundant. Well done Fidelma!!!

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Praise to Fidelma again for her careful handling of finances for our 360 members- it meets the new criteria for the increase of €5 per member to €20 established by 2018 review – prudent spending on the membership needs and yet accountable and transparent: raffle and subsidy for today’s lunch form part of the budget.

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Raymond King gave a great account of the Wednesday Dancing Class – which has more than doubled in size: he lauded Maestro /Múinteoir  Brian’s singing as well as dancing talents – “when he can’t get the didgeridoo for music going for a dance he  belts out a song for us to waltz around to”. Good stuff Brian! Classes will resume in September.

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Rena gave a short account of the Slovenian trip – and there’s a reunion of the travelers for a morning coffee/ lunch planned for September.



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The golf outing usually held in May was deferred to September. A SCRAMBLE will be held in Cill Dara Golf Club on the 2nd September – if you know any new retirees who might be desperately seeking an outdoor activity to replace yard duty!!!!! please let them know!!!!!

Billy’s address was of course informative – he emphasised that while our pensions are increasing slightly, they are ACTUALLY only being restored to 2012 rates. If you had retired pre Feb 2012 on the top of the scale with a B post, your pension would have been €34636; in September it will be €34130 rising to €34897 in October 2020. The exemption threshold for Pension Levy is now €39k since January and will go up to €54k in 2020 – so another few disposable bob!!!

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Some other interesting changes: the 35/55 rule is gone since 2004; 65 is now the standard retiring age for all public servants; teachers starting their teaching careers since Jan 2013 will now have a pension based on career average.

Billy was asked about the Alliance of Public Servants – it’s not as strong as it was, as its original objective has been achieved (removal of pension levy), leaving only guards and teachers awaiting full removal – smaller numbers means less clout! However he advised watching “this space” as parity has only been preserved till 2020 and we may need the pressure of an Alliance after that: the Government does not negotiate with Pensioners and so we are dependent on INTO or Alliance-like bodies.


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Finally the Tom Quinlan, founder of ALH (Affordable Live-in Care) addressed the meeting on the provision of care in the home versus Nursing Home care and the difference in prices and service between his agency and other providers. Follow the link to see the service that ALH provide as well as many testimonials by their customers.

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After the raffle, (congrats to the MANY winners) we adjourned to the dining room for Lunch and a catch up chat.

Enjoy the Summer!!!


Slovenian Travellers

Another great Kildare Retired Teachers trip – my first one abroad – and it lived up to all expectations.

Even the Ryanair delay in Dublin airport followed by a “mirror of Naas bypass” between Treviso and Trieste couldn’t dampen the spirits of the Kildare retirees.   Following check-in  in  Ljubljana’s  City Hotel, we  took off in packs to find late dinners. It’s quite a small city so we had the geography of the place almost before bed.

DAY 1:

Building decorated in Slovenian art


We started with a walking tour of the city with Yuri our Slovenian guide, taking in the highlights, the many bridges  that cross the Ljubljanica River- the Dragon bridge,

The Triple Bridges





Ljubljiana Castle


the Triple Bridge, the Cobblers’ Bridge, the Fountain of the Three Rivers outside the Mestna Hisa (Town Hall) and finishing with a cable car ride to Ljubljana Castle which dominates the skyline of the city.




The group broke up  then for an afternoon of leisure. Leisure my eye!!!! Our crowd found a lovely place in the Market Square for lunch before dashing off to the Urban Train (a little electric train that took us around the city again to see some of the morning’s missed sights – Plecnik’s (the architect of Ljubljana) House, the Tivoli Gardens, some theatres and churches.



The Embankment

The river is the landmark for everything in the city and so a group of us took a river ride. It was amazing to see the embankment and hear the many interesting stories of the past. Plecnik designed most of the city with great thought – the willows along the banks were sown as swings for the youngsters to launch themselves into the water as well as to mimic the women who came down to the river’s edge to wash clothes; a cage hung from beside the Cobblers’ Bridge to dunk cheating bakers; Emperor Franz Josef paid for the Dragon bridge so that his Eagle emblems could be displayed, instead the Mayor had 4 copper dragons, the symbols of Slovenia, sneaked in.


( Forgot my camera today – if any of you travellers have any offerings sent to me, please. B)

What a lovely surprise this morning – clear blue skies although a storm had been forecast!!! An early start (really hearty buffet breakfast in hotel) as we headed off to the Postonja Caves, reputedly, Europe’s most spectacular caves, 12 miles of chambers and tunnels. Luckily, it can be viewed from a subterranean railway that swerves through the stalactites like a fairground ride with passengers ducking at times to avoid overhanging rocks. One could exit the train for an hour’s walk through some of the chambers; however a few of us decided to carry on by train and relax with ice cream by the Pivka river.

Promenade in Piran

We had time for a  little retail therapy before boarding the bus for the Adriatic coastal town of Piran.  A free shuttle service was available to take us into the centre of the town where there was a market square (Tartinijev trg after the local born violinist and composer Tartini – another famous Slovenian I had never heard of) and lovely restaurants along the sea front for a well-earned lunch. Piran was quite a wealthy little town, its wealth based on the salt produced here. Now it is more a fishing or seaside village.

Vinekoper in Koper was our next port of call. This celler owns most of the vineyards in Slovenia and specialises in a wide range of wines.   My favourites, Refosk was available to “taste” and purchase. There’ll be a few of us checking out O’Brien’s and Aldi and Lidl for Slovenian wines after this!

Our crowd went down the town tonight for dinner – lovely restaurant beside the river where suckling pig (my choice) and veal were served with roast potatoes (unavailable last night!!!) and veg.


From the Cable Car ascending Mount Vogel


The mountains beckoned today – another early start and another glorious morning as we headed first for Lake Bojin, the largest lake in Slovinia. The cable car ride to Mount Vogel gave us spectacular views of the lakes and rivers.



Sitting out in the wooden chalet type restaurant brought the story of Heidi or the Sound of Music to mind. Vogel is a ski resort and there was still some snow with many Alpine flowers peeping through to add to the picture card effect.

Church of the Assumption on island in Lake Bled


Back to the bus for our trip to Lake Bled with its fairy tale scenery – an island church in the middle of the lake which can only be reached by traditional canopied rowing boats, and a castle located on a sheer cliff overlooking the lake and Tito’s palace at the boat jetty (now a hotel).

Tito’s Palace




It was well-worth the effort of climbing the 99 steps to the Church of the Assumption to ring the Wishing Bell inside. The climb to the Castle was more demanding with its uneven surface and extremely steep incline. But there were many helping hands and almost all the crew made it to the courtyard, many making it to the ramparts!!! A fit bunch of retirees!

We were on the look out for Golf Courses but this roadside sculpture was the closest we got!

Lunch by the lake shore before hitting back to Ljubljana was well earned.


We may have wondered why an umbrella hung in every room in the hotel – today we wondered no more – the rain was bucketing down from early morning. Luckily today we were left to our own devices and many chose indoor activities – shopping, galleries, museums. The Emporium (a Kildare Village lookalike including prices) was a favourite but City Park ( in the Blanchardstown vein) was only a taxi ride away. The weather cleared somewhat in the afternoon allowing for some more outdoor sightseeing.

Image result for sokol restaurant ljubljana

Rena ( and helpers) sussed out a local restaurant Sokol (The Eagle) for our group tonight – lovely meal followed by a sing song – not only are the Kildare Retirees fit – there are some great singers among them. Brilliant way to end the holiday!

Waiting patiently
Waiting to be served In traditional Restaurant


A great few days – lots of laughs and stories – however “what happens on tour stays on tour” is a good motto for a blog and there were many funny incidents that will not be recounted here. Our guide Yuri was excellent. The hotel was clean and friendly and located centrally which is a big plus. Food was good but different – Slovenians don’t seem to eat at night and many places were closed by eleven. Everyone noted the cleanliness of the city and the good manners of its residents. Those who visited the churches were impressed with the devotion of young and old, the participation in the services and the most beautiful music/singing. Slovenian wine was excellent and very cheap. The city centre is “car-free” and that certainly lends to the calmness. Small electric bus/cars are available free, originally designed for the elderly but now used by anyone.  Otherwise you cycle or walk.

Well done Rena – where are you going to bring us next year???


Twelve more sleeps to Slovenia!

Hope you’ve all received your travel documents –

  1. Ryanair Boarding Pass for outward journey to Venice – check your bag allowance
  2. Docs needed – passport, EHIC card (access to health care in Europe), Travel insurance
  3. Details of flight – there and back
  4. Details of hotel – to left on monument with welcoming EU flag

Image result for city hotel ljubljana

4. A “Know Before You Go” information document on life in Slovenia – the people, food, shopping, bars, restaurants, electrical output, tipping, etc.

5. I looked up the weather for the days we’ll be there but JUST LIKE HERE I’ll wait to see (but packing a light mac!!!!! maybe)

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Ljubljiana – can’t quite make out our Hotel!

Whats happening in Kildare?

Kilteel St. Brigids Art Festival hosts a wide range of activities over the first week in February: art exhibition, workshops, trad session, hill walking, drama, stalls, cafe. A full list of activities can be found on Kilteel St Brigid’s Arts Weekend.

I also noticed on Facebook that Burtown House and Garden near Athy

reopens on Feb 3rd. The gardens at Burtown are unusual in that they were worked by three generations of the family; the late Wendy Walsh, one of Ireland’s finest botanical artists; Wendy’s daughter the painter Lesley Fennell, and her son James, a professional photographer.

If you love food, if you love colour and want to spend a tranquil few hours come to The Green Barn at Burtown, open from Wed to Sunday for Brunch and Lunch.

Families of all ages are welcome and believe it or not, the dog can come too. Take a healthy walk in the gardens, view the garden art and breathe fresh air tinted with the wholesome herbs from the kitchen gardens. What an absolute pleasure.




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Dancing with the

Kildare Retired TeachersImage result for stars

I had hoped to call by Town House Hotel, Naas today to see if any of our participants might be of standard to enter next year’s “Dancing with the Stars”. Dance Classes resumed this morning following the Christmas break.

Retired Teachers and friends are more than welcome to join the group for the next session in a fortnight’s time. Classes are every fortnight at 10.30am in the Town House Hotel (on the Newbridge Road)

To a Snowdrop by William Wordworth

Hard to believe, but on this last day of 2018, there’s a tiny little clump of  snowdrops already blooming in my garden. So I thought it would be fitting to include Wordsworth’s poem about these tiny white flowers.


Lone flower, hemmed in with snows, and white as they

But hardier far, once more I see thee bend

Thy forehead as if fearful to offend,

Like an unbidden guest. Though day by day

Storms sallying from the mountain-tops, waylay

The rising sun, and on the plains descend;

Yet art though welcome, welcome as a friend

Whose zeal outruns his promise! Blue-eyed May

Shall soon behold this border thickly set

With bright jonquils, their odours lavishing

On the soft west-wind and his frolic peers;

Nor will I then thy modest grace forget,

Chaste snowdrop, venturous harbinger of spring,

And pensive monitor of fleeting years.


And with thoughts of January 1st and as gifs and wishes ping on my phone: Athbhliain shona díobh go léir!

Happy New Year 2019m

AGM and Cruinniú na Nollag 2019

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The usual large crowd assembled in Killashee House Hotel on Monday 10th December for Christmas get together of Kildare Retired Teachers.

We moved quickly through reading and adapting of minutes, matters arising, correspondence and Financial Report to election of Branch Officers.


Outgoing Chair Ted Rooney was congratulated on “a job well done” before he introduced Martin Hoban, incoming chair. Martin, Principal of Holy Child N.S. Rathcoole (the only Dublin school with membership in Kildare INTO) has been a lifelong activist with INTO. Carmel Gleeson also well known in INTO circles as well as Cumann na mBunscol was elected to position of Vice Chair. The position of Secretary/Treasurer will remain in the capable hands of Fidelma who was praised highly for her dedication and expertise over the last year. Paula Watters resignation as Branch Auditor due to family circumstances was accepted and our thanks was extended to her for all her work. Paddy Walsh was elected as Auditor with Peadair Cunningham who continues in the Job. Martin thanked all committee members, outgoing and incoming on our behalf.

A number of volunteers to attend RTAI meetings in Dublin were noted.

The branch supported the nomination of Mary Kyne from Galway to Standing Orders Committee of RTAI.


There was one Motions for Congress suggested. I will clarify the wording ASAP.


  1. The number attending Dance class has increased since September. I might do a visit in the new year and if GDPR allows publish some photos or a short article.
  2. Rena McAllen circulated information on our2019 trip: Ljubljana & Lake Bled, Slovenia for 5 days May 23rd – 28th.


Finally, Billy Sheehan addressed the meeting in his usual knowledgable manner,

  • with good news for many (if not all) about PSSA and Pension Reductions. In answer to a question from the floor, Billy agreed that the gains for some could be equalised by their loss of entitlements to Medical/Doctor’s cards.
  • He also lauded the GDPR and encouraged a positive view of it as a method of preserving our privacy.
  • For those who are subbing he explained that from January your INTO deduction will be automatic (just ensure the INTO have your current details).
  • The RTAI office is always available for advice and information but Billy encouraged ringing EARLY (between 9.00am and 1.00pm daily) to talk to a “human”; otherwise you may be answered by a machine!


There were lots of lucky raffle winners (again well done to Fidelma who organises all the prizes) before we ‘retired’ to the Mooreabbey Suite for a lovely lunch. Another lovely pre-Christmas meeting.