New retirees

In eleven more sleeps (September 1st) we will be joined by a new group of retirees.

I’m sure you new guys are well prepared for this new chapter in your life. But just in case you want a quick read, Irish Life have a downloadable booklet with some ideas: ”Rewire, Don’t Retire” by Marianne Heron and Paul Britton. It’s not particularly for teachers and there’s also a disclaimer that the views are not those of Irish Life but of the authors. I’m not a new retiree but found some interesting points to ponder in book.

Downloadable at Irish

Existing members: Hope you’ve all received your ”Comhnasc” Autumn edition with its many reflections on lockdown and lots more. Particularly good news is public sector salary increase at the beginning of October will bring parity for post march 2012 retirees. There are also some points to consider if you plan to sub. (You might be in great demand during this coming school year!)

Autumn 2020 Comhnasc

Sadly all our branch activities remain suspended for the time being. But RTAI office is reopened; ph no 01 2454130.


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