A notice from Billy Sheehan, General Secretary:

NEC has decided that summer meetings scheduled for May or June should be cancelled. Hopefully AGMs can be held in November/December.

NEC, on behalf of all members, decided that , as a charities are in need of support, two donations of €20,000 were made to ALONE and VINCENT de PAUL. A further two donations of €5,000 were made to IRISH CANCER SOCIETY and the PETER MCVERRY TRUST.


Weekend conditions forecast to be 'very reasonable with some ...

Hope you are all keeping well – how blessed we have been that the weather was so good during this time of crisis. Even if we had to survive within the confines of our garden, it was great to be able to enjoy sunshine. I’m sure the extension of limits to 5km as well as the opening of boundaries for our over 70s is appreciated.

Talking On Phone - Old Cartoon Granny Vector Illustration Royalty ...

Missing ‘actual’ contact with family, especially with the little ones, has been very difficult. However ‘virtual’ contact has helped – my grandson thinks that I have a starring role in Paw Patrol!!!!! or Thomas the Tank Engine!!!! At least I am still be recognised despite some changes to my appearance.

Bad hair day ☺ | Funny | Nuser, Søren brun og Tegneserier



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